Monday, August 13, 2007

Event: 'Ilm Session

Whoa best! Dr Asri! ^_^ Haiz.. sadly it's at night so I can't go. But.. do come along for those who can k? Would be a beneficial one for the young adults out there. :)

Possible solution? Hmm. Protect the heart, safeguard the faith, and nikah quickly when time permits. :P Hehe no lah. InsyaAllah when the right person appears, and the right time has come.. to take on the responsibilities and blissful life that marriage brings. =)

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"Islamic love - is based on loving for Allah's sake and that means loving what Allah loves about a person: their Iman, their submission, their taqwa, their Islamic manners, good character and strong deen.

These aspects of a person take precedence over other more material or worldly attributes.

For what is beautiful in a man is his degree of servitude to Allah.."

~ Quoted from the book "From My Sisters' Lips - A unique celebration of Muslim womanhood" by Na'ima B. Robert (:


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