Friday, August 3, 2007

Event: Workshop

Introductory Khat Course is part of the MVAC calligraphy series which addresses the educational & training needs for art-lovers both traditional & digital, of all age-group from pre-school to working adults.

The course which spans over 5 sessions starting 18 Aug, has been specially designed to teach a beginner the art of Arabic calligraphy. Participants will expect meaningful practise sessions while discovering the beauty of this written art as an absorbing, discipline, recreation and mode of spiritual expression.

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Features of the course include:

* Brief introductory of Arabic calligraphy, history and development.
* Introduction to Koufi, Nasakh, Thuluth, Riqa', Diwani & Ta'liq scripts.
* Identifying & understanding of The Six Scripts.
* Practical Exposure of The Six Scripts
* The Six Pens - Al Qalaamu Sittah
* Ornamentations - Zukhrufah

To register send your name and contact to
Fees: $15 for MVAC members | $25 for non-members

Do click here for more details. (:


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